Goodscour Industrial Co., Ltd. - Scouring Pad,Scrub Sponge, Non Woven Abrasive Products,Household Cleaning Products

Symbol of Goodscour Company
    The trade mark of Goodscour is a peacock. Peacocks are often associated with splendor and magnificence, and in the Chinese culture, it symbolizes prosperity. For more than 30 years, the Goodscour Company has produced high quality products, maintained its social responsibility and up kept its honesty. It is currently the largest manufacturer in Asia for scouring pads, scrubbing sponges, scrubbers, various household daily cleaning products, and various non-woven material polishing products. With this leading role, the Company is well-positioned for the future as it continues to apply its extensive knowledge and experience into newer creations and improvements to satisfy the ever-changing market trends and requirements from all over the world