Goodscour Industrial Co., Ltd. - Scouring Pad,Scrub Sponge, Non Woven Abrasive Products,Household Cleaning Products
Company History

1968  Mr. & Mrs. Chang founded “Tsung Chian Co., Ltd.” in Taiwan and established a factory producing traditional palm-based cleaning products 

  Their eldest son, Mr. Hui Chung Chang renamed the company name to “Goodscour Industrial Co., Ltd.” and began to broaden the company’s reach into scouring pad production.

1986  A new factory and an upgrade of its production line were both completed. The customer base started growing outside Taiwan and into South East Asia and the Americas. As a result, sales volume grew 30% that year.

1989  A branch office in Thailand was established. Goodscour (Thailand) Co., Ltd. started importing finished goods for sale in Thailand and neighboring markets.

1992  Construction began for a scrubber production plant in Thailand. This plant was first of its kind in South East Asia, making Goodscour the first in the industry to invest in South East Asia.

1993  Production of scouring pads began in Thailand.

2002  Another Goodscour plant is built in Thailand, which further increased production capacity.

2002  Goodscour signed a investment agreement in China with the Changchou City Government and initiated the construction of a new factory on Sep. 16th, 2002.

2003  The Goodscour China factory began its operation at the Longhai Dongyuan Industrial Park.

2008  The Goodscour China began a 2nd stage construction and is estimated to complete by the end of 2009.